CAIRSKIN Make-up Artist Full Professional Brush Set 25 Professional with Professional Brush Belt

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CAIRSKIN Make-up Artist Full Professional Brush Set 25 Professional with Professional Brush Belt


 CAIRSKIN - Full Professional Make-up Make-up Brush Set

You are a born Artist! Master any makeup technique with our professional CAIRSKIN Make Up Artist Brush Belt, specially designed for the experienced makeup artist and beauty specialists who just really love to apply creative makeup looks with different techniques. 

The comprehensive brush collection contains a variation of natural hair brushes and 100% synthetic ones, stored in our convenient CAIRSKIN Brush Belt with an adjustable strap and a large front pocket to store makeup sponges and tools dust-free together. 

This Professional Brush Set consists of 25 brushes, essentially handmade and vary from face and eye brushes for a perfect make-up finish:

CS 110 - Round Shader Blending Brush

CS 111 - Pointed Mini Shader Brush

CS 112 -Round Blending Brush

CS 113 - Flat Small Shadow Brush

CS 114 Flat Medium Eyeshadow Brush

CS 115 - Round Medium Shadow Brush

CS 116 - Round Medium Shadow Brush

CS 117 - Round Tapered Blending Brush

CS 118 - Pointed Pencil Brush

CS 119 - Large Eye Shader Brush

CS 120 - Small Eye Shader Brush

CS 121 - Flat Shader Blending Brush

CS 122 - Defining Shader Brush

CS 124 - Defining Edge Shader Brush

CS 125 - Round Smudge Shadow Brush

CS 126 - Flat Angle Brush

CS 127 - Flat Eyeliner Brush

CS 129 - Wide Face Fiber Brush

CS 130 - Round Face Powder Brush

CS 132 - Flat Buffing Brush

CS 133 - Flat Angled Shading Brush

CS 134 - Large Round Powder Brush

CS 135 - Large Angled Shading Brush

CS 137 - Flat Shape & Contour Brush

CS 139 - Small Fiber Blending Brush

Popular features:

• The brushes contain both synthetic and natural hair; the highest quality function for every brush
• Multi-functional set for all facets of the face, suitable for all professional make-up techniques
• Includes professional Make-up Belt; ideal for storing the brushes and for use during work

These professional CAIRSKIN brushes are shaped by hand and assembled with hygienic quality materials. Its blend of synthetic and natural hairs contain the latest innovations in hair quality for superior make-up application whilst improving durability.



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