CAIRSKIN Collagen Booster - Handheld LED + Infrared

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CAIRSKIN Collagen Booster - Handheld LED + Infrared


The CAIRSKIN Collagen Booster handheld device works perfect for treating small skin concerns. The device has two modes, to choose between Blue & Red Light or stronger Red + Infrared Light. Regularly using this innovative device with strong wavelengths will reduce minor skin problems such as acne, scar stretches, hyperpigmentation and boosts new collagen production. 

A 3 minute treatment is sufficient and will give you a more plumped, more hydrated, radiant and rejuvenated skin appearance!

Light Therapy is a valuable investment for structural skin improvement. This revolutionary skin improvement method  and more widely used method brings energy into the cells, which ensures new production of collagen. Clinical studies have studied and demonstrated that red and near infra-red light at specific energy levels increase the collagen and elastin production and stimulates blood flow and lymph activity which effects skin healing.

CAIRSKIN Collagen Booster LED LIGHT Therapy Benefits:

  • Increased blood flow, more energy in skin cells leads to more radiant and rejuvenating skin
  • Reducing age spots and pigmentation, also known as hyperpigmentation of the skin
  • Pore control, studies demonstrate the reduction of pore size and a more radiant skin complexion
  • Hydrated skin, due to the stimulated blood flow and nutrient exchange
  • Less wrinkles, due to a better collagen and elastin production
  • Improved skin tone / texture which result into a glowy and refreshed skin look 

Originally NASA discovered the effect of light therapy on the skin. This device uses innovative and patent-certified LED light where the infrared wavelengths reach the lower layers of the skin. The LED lights of the CAIRSKIN Handheld contain visible blue and red lights, using clinically proven wavelengths of light, 415nm (blue), 630nm (red) and 880nm (near infra-red), stimulating collagen and elastin production and improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which results into rejuvenated and plumped skin, over time it visibly reduces fine lines/wrinkles. 

What ensures a vital young skin? 

  • Elastin – skin elasticity
  • Collagen – skin firming
  • Hyaluron – skin hydration

Particularly due to collagen and elasticity, skin develops 20 to 80% thickness as we age. This also creates the well-known age spots pigmentation. The use of LED infrared light has been proven to stimulate the natural process of collagen and elastin production. The advantage of this LED Light treatment is that no UV radiation is involved and it is therefore 100% safe for use.

Light therapy is already being used successfully by beauticians. Treatments with light at special frequency are already used in the cosmetics and medical improvement industry.


The CAIRSKIN Collagen Booster is FDA approved & CE certified; international quality marks for safe usage. Stored well in a compact box together with a velvet beauty bag and detailed user manual.



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